Necklace Union with Orange Carnelian by Sophie Rinieri


Inspired by the buddhist umbrella, Sophie Rinieri likes to represent the humanity, the wholeness and the protection.

Pendant in 18KT yellow gold with a orange Carnelian pear cabochon

Carnelian weight: 2.5 cts
Chain lenght including pendant : 45 cm with intermediate ring at 42cm
Height: 3,5 cm


Jewel hand-made with love in Paris (France)

Packaging made in France


Free delivery in Europe, USA, CA, CH, HK

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Carnelian intention


Body: To purify body liquids, increase reproductive organs functions.

Emotion: Bring joy and balance anger or emotional people.

Mental and Spiritual: Give new ideas and inspiration, ease presence in the present moment and concentration. Help to let go.

Necklace Union Carnelian by Sophie Rinieri