Pendant Abundance with Hematite by Sophie Rinieri


Inspired by the buddhist vase, Sophie likes the symbol of the longevity and the abundance in life.
Pendant in 18KT yellow gold with a Hematite briolette cabochon rose cut.
Hematite weight: 3.5cts
Chain lenght including pendant : 45 cm with intermediate ring at 42cm
Height: 2 cm

Jewel hand-made with love in Paris (France)

Packaging made in France


Free delivery in Europe, USA, CA, CH, HK

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Hematite Intention


Chakra: root

Body: Stimulate squaring over and purify the blood.

Emotion: Balance and help to identify our needs.

Mental and Spiritual: Quiet Stimulate our creative energy and intuition

Anchor in our identity and give self-confidence and energy to achieve personal goals. Harmonic growth. High protection stones. Help in case of jet lag stone, space out, shock or extreme stress, mother and baby after birth, insomnia.

Pendant Abundance Hematite by Sophie Rinieri


    Sophie Rinieri © 2017  home picture by Source art project

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