Ange Pendant with a Clear Quartz by Isabelle Langlois


Inspired by the angels, Isabelle Langlois likes the symbol of the divine guidance in life.

Pendant in 18KT pink gold

Clear Quartz : 0.5 ct

2  pear Moonstones and 1 white round Pearl

Delivered with 2 silk cords, 1 black and 1 red
Silk cord lenght : 42cm
Height of the pendant: 2cm


Clear Quartz intention


Chakra: Crown chakra

Body: Stimulate the flow of the liquids.

Emotion: Help to dissolve negative frequencies.

Mental and Spiritual: Connection and mindfulness. Insufflate spiritual energy to physical life. Clear blockages and energize aura.



Pendant Ange Clear Quartz by Isabelle Langlois


    Sophie Rinieri © 2017  home picture by Source art project

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