My grandfather taught me how to build walls only with stones. Nothing else. The phrase he repeated was “ each stone will find its place”. Each stone found its place in the construction and then, turning them a bit here and there until they wedged themselves perfectly and the wall rose up before our eyes. Later I understood the philosophical aspect of this phrase, we each contribute as a ‘stone’ to the final edifice, changing our angles a bit and trying different experiences.

​In Hong-Kong, I discover another way to look at the stones, learn how each can help us and all the intention we can infuse in it. In fact I remembered the yin and yang symbol, in each spirituality there is a small materiality part and vice versa.
I decided to share this knowledge, to live with love and obviously to tie it with jewelry.

Each jewel, I imagine, comes from a symbol with my personal interpretation and as much as possible in a modern and elegant way. Each stones gives an intention. 

My jewels dedicated to women, to support them in their daily life, for them to be conscious of their own resources and to celebrate their multiple talents.
Above all, thanks to this experience, I have acquired the certainty that everything is fine. Whatever our life events, they come to reinforce our experience and so us.